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3D / 2N

Day 01 Kuala Lumpur/Cameron Highlands (B)

After breakfast, check out and wait at the lobby. Our representative will pick you at the hotel lobby and head on to Cameron Highlands towards the northern region via Simpang Pulai highway exit (Exit 137) and then follow the new road to Cameron Highlands. This route is less winding and generally safer through Tanah Rata contrary to the alternative route via Tapah.  Brinchang & Tanah Rata is about 25-30kms from Simpang Pulai.


The Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia’s most extensive hill stations with an area of 712 square kilometers, about 214km (approximately 2 hours) from Kuala Lumpur city. It is not only the biggest and best known of Malaysia’s hill stations, it is also the highest point in Malaysia which is accessible by car.


During the day, the temperature seldom soars above 25°C, at night sometimes, it can drop to as low as 12°C. 


Cameron Highlands got its name from William Cameron, a British surveyor who was commissioned by the then colonial government to map out the area in 1885 to use it as a retreat station for the British during the colonial days, the highlands still maintain a lot of their charm.

Upon arrival in Cameron Highlands before noon,hotel check in is subject to availability is at 2.30pm. We shall,proceed with guided tour guide our first stop is at the Sungai Palas Tea Plantation, one of the largest tea plantations in Southeast Asia. Enjoy a cup of tea at the local café where you will be fascinated by the wide range of tea varieties on offer. We learn about how the tea is farmed and cultivated, and process for making the different varieties found around the world (Closed on Mondays).

After tea tasting and consuming the fresh air, have lunch at nearby vicinity. After lunch, free at own leasure. Walk around the local markets and visit a nearby temple. Have dinner at nearby vicinity. Walk back to hotel, refresh. Overnight in Cameron Highlands.

Day 02 Cameron Highland (B)

After breakfast, proceed to visit  the Rose Garden, one of the classic attractions to see in Cameron Highlands. There are just a handful of rose gardens in Cameron Highlands. Roses grow exceptionally well in the cooler environment of Cameron Highlands, with some reaching the diameter of a large saucer plate! These gardens usually feature more than just roses. And a couple of them have panoramic valley views due to their hilltop locations!

Strawberry Farms are an iconic part of the landscape comprising this resort destination, along with tea plantations, flower gardens and vegetable farms.The cold climate makes it suitable for cultivating strawberries all year round throughout the highlands, with most farms concentrated at Tanah Rata, Brinchang. Many of these farms offer strawberry picking by hand to attract visitors. The popularity of this dainty fruit has also spun a bustling cottage industry that churns out souvenirs, pillows, clothing, keychains, toys and other merchandise in the shape and theme of strawberries. It is a trend to incorporate strawberries in the menu, whether as ingredients for a dish or a choice of flavour in pies, cakes, ice cream, waffles, chocolate and drinks in local cafes and restaurants. As the fruit does not keep for long, stock that goes unsold at farms and markets is processed into jams, pickles, biscuits and other treats for sale as dry goods.

Honey Bee Farm are a novelty in Cameron Highlands, producing a modest range of delicious honey and derivative products for sale and show to visitors. The bee farms are located in Ringlet (Highlands Apiary Farm), Brinchang (Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm) and Tringkap (Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm), with slight variances in size, facility and scale of honey production.

Free to enter, these farms often combine their primary attraction with strawberry picking, souvenir shops, vegetable markets and interactive activities for children. As local bee populations are not enough to sustain local supply, honey sold here is also sourced from wild and domestic sources all over Malaysia.

Walk around Pasar tani morning market, (open from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week), one of the main attractions in Cameron Highlands. Its central feature is a farmers' market along the main road next to Copthorne Hotel, where local traders set up retail stalls from morning till evening selling fresh fruits and vegetables at a cheap price, including strawberries, corn, sweet potatos, greens, and flowers,

Other than fruits and vegetables, visitors can find a variety of general products at the market such as fashion apparel, souvenirs, cactus, and teas. 

Next, visit any one temple nearby the vicinity, and proceed for dinner.Transfer to hotel. Overnight in Cameron Highlands.

Day 03 Cameron Highland/Kuala Lumpur (B)

After breakfast, check out and head on to Barath Tea, the second largest tea producer in Cameron Highlands, was first established in 1933 with plantations in Tanah Rata and Tringkap that grow their signature brand 'Cameron Valley', nestled along the main road at Tanah Rata. The plantation has two tea houses situated slightly apart from each other along the main road.

The first tea house offers a walk down the valley to a small park and waterfall, while the second tea house is housed in a larger complex with bigger parking space. Both centers feature a product shop and cafe with decks that overlook impressive views of the valley. The cafes offers some special tea blends inspired by Sri Lankan and South Indian flavours, such as Masala Chai and Cardamom Tea.

Have lunch at Cameron Valley,  which offers an eclectic blend of continental and local food, including scones, brownies, doughnuts and cheese cakes to traditional local pastries such as curry puffs, sandwiches with spicy sardine paste filling and 'Nasi Lemak' - a light meal of rice with sambal sauce and anchovies wrapped inside a bundle of banana leaves. Depart to KLIA after lunch in time to board the night  flight for your onward destination or back to Kuala Lumpur hotel.

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